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Is this rock placid?

Your new pet rock is so placid you will think it was injected with a tranquilizer.

What has it been fed on?

Until the time your pet rock is delivered to you be assured that your pet rock was on a steady diet of wheat germ,and they love sipping on vinegar.

Is it house trained?  

No !The pet rock is not house trained because it is very young, however I have introduced the subject to your pet rock.

Does it like to socialize with other rocks?

Eventually when it gets accustomed to it's surroundings it will be comfortable enough to socialize.

Does it have a passport?

No it does not have a passport, when you receive it you can apply for a passport if you will be traveling out of the county with it.

Does it have a pedigree certificate?

Yes, It will be enclosed with your order. Can I let it off the lead? Yes, just be careful when crossing streets, make sure you do not let it loose on cobblestone roads.

Can I teach it tricks?

Yes, just have some patience. As I have stated previously it is very young,so you will need to teach it with care.

Does the rock in question have any allergies?

No allergies that I am aware of.

Are it's vaccinations up to date? 

Yes it has had all it's vaccinations 

Has is been nurtured? 

It has not been nurtured as it is still very young, if necessary wait till it is about 6 months old. 

Does it moult (cast hair)?

No, as you can see, your pet rock is hairless

Does the rock enjoy a healthy lifestyle?

Defiantly ! It enjoys water sports. Water skiing is it's favorite I have heard from other pet rock owners that they have made water skies out of styrofoam and twine to fit your pet rock.

Has the rock been the subject of any criminal investigations ? (such as thrown at any windows etc.)?

Well unfortunately the answer to this question is yes, however it does not like to talk about it, but please be assured that the action’s were all a misunderstanding. -